Daan Hofman makes music for theatre and film. “When I was in drama school, my special interest was music-theatre and in particular how music interacts with image or language. It fascinates me how a combination of disciplines or media can turn to something new”

At the Conservatory of Amsterdam Daan studied Composing for Film with Jurre Haanstra and subjects including: Arranging, Orchestration, and a lot of jazz and world music.

FILM & Theatre

Seurat, vanger van het licht

Commissioned by the Kroller Muller Museum, Daan Hofman worked on ‘Seurat, catcher of the light’ in the summer 2014. A live radio play for typewriter, toy piano, banjo and old French chansons, surrounded by a few written notes  that Seurat left behind.

Listen here:                        (Coming soon!)              

‘Eindland’ played in July 2011 during the Over 't IJ Festival.

In this theatre play Jibbe Willems wrote for tg Echo, the world is perishing. From the wreckage of an ancient world a new one is built. The music consists of recombined scraps sounds, forming a composition using a loop station.

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In the summer of 2012 ‘Oproer!’ (Riot) played on the big pond of the Amsterdam Forest. Raw & visual music-theatre about a world that is slowly crumbling apart.

For this piece of tg. BREEKGOED Daan Hofman composed the music.



De weg was recht

‘De Weg Was Recht’ played on the big stage of  Theater Amsterdamse Bos.

The performance is about a brass band which gets lost in the (Amsterdam) woods. They are having an identity crisis and are slowly falling apart. The effect of this process is the basis of the music.


The theatre play ‘Fietsen’ by tg Echo is about two friends who go on a cycling-vacation. They get lost in the woods and then also slowly reality fades. The music is the harbinger of death. A lure, which changed from a familiar road-song into a melancholic chant. This ends up in a psychotic swan song on a fen somewhere in the Betuwe.

Radio interview

Daan Hofman was interviewed

by VPRO radio about his songs

and theatre music

Film works

SHOWREEL 2018:  https://youtu.be/f91KTgW3pS8

In order of appearance:

OVT (Pelle Smit)

Rood van binnen (Zev Klinger)

(On)bekend (Adinda Berends)

Er was er een jarig (Martine van der Kolk)

Albion I (Spitfire audio)